Local Living

My husband Tory and I have been living in eastern PA for about a year and a half. When we first moved here we mostly shopped in chain stores because we knew what we could find there and we usually were short on time to explore new options, though we would often talk about how we could eat local, farm fresh food. Now that I am not working a regular full-time job, I have been able to take some time to find local places to enjoy.
 It took me 8 months to want to settle in to this other side of the state. I still claim Pittsburgh as home and probably always will; but, there are some places that were worth getting out of my “I hate everything here and will never be a local” mindset and finding. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a few simple finds to make life a little better:

  1. Food stands. Springtime all of the way through November I would drive out to a grocery store and pass about 8 food stands. I had unlimited options to buy tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, apples, strawberries, broccoli, pumpkins, peppers, zucchini, eggs, milk, yogurt, OJ, you get the picture. Cheaper and fresher. #win.
  2. Antique Shops. We have now lived in 2 apartments. The current one is quite small. Antique shopping provided some great storage solutions.  We have some solid wood items in lieu of plastic and pressed wood board items. Thank you, Amish woodworkers.
  3. Restaurants. We do not have many recognizable restaurant names nearby. Arbys and Sonic. Otherwise, we have branched out and found some great restaurants that are locally owned and pretty delicious. Although, we still love our curly fries.
  4. Coffee Shops. Usually I am a drive-thru girl and DD coffee is cheap, fast and actually, I love DD coffee. However, 2 local coffee shops have taken me out of my DD rut. And I eat fewer donuts now.

Morgantown Coffee House has become one of our favorite places to grab some coffee. Or in Tory’s case, a cup full of sugary milk. The staff is, so far, always cheery.  I drop by on Mondays before I start grocery shopping, say my hellos, and leave with a fresh, bold brew. Other days, Tory comes along for his almost coffee fix. IMG_2735.JPG

Since we joined the rewards program at Morgantown Coffee House, we are anxiously anticipating tasting their breakfast or lunch, though I mostly just want someone else to make me a Belgium waffle and clean up the batter mess. Our weekly stops there have allowed us to get to know the faces of a handful of the workers and the owner which opened an opportunity for me to place my etsy store products in a location which has greatly benefited my site’s traffic. So much for avoiding becoming a local.

We mostly love our little part of PA. Every once in a while you will hear us complain about the cow smell outside our front door. But at least we know the milk and cheese are fresh.


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