Friends and Food

inside the house
meat and cheese on a slate tray

Getting together with friends can prove challenging sometimes. Where to meet, when to meet, and what to do are hard questions to answer when you are synchronizing 3 schedules. We finally decided on a date which left where and what. After discussing places to eat I decided to ask my friends to come over to my place. Simple grilled cheese sandwiches were the cuisine of choice. The weather has been rainy and cool and there is nothing like comfort food on a chilly day! We used a raclette so that everyone could make there own sandwiches. I laid out a spread of meat and cheese and baked some no-knead bread. My friends brought over some meal supplements – tea, chips and artichoke dip, and cookies. Raclette, in the simplest explanation, is a clean version of fondue. We enjoyed sitting around the raclette grill, talking and laughing, while we waited for our bread to toast and cheese to melt. It was the perfect way to catch up and feed our hungry stomachs.

inside the house
homemade bread

Local Living

My husband Tory and I have been living in eastern PA for about a year and a half. When we first moved here we mostly shopped in chain stores because we knew what we could find there and we usually were short on time to explore new options, though we would often talk about how we could eat local, farm fresh food. Now that I am not working a regular full-time job, I have been able to take some time to find local places to enjoy.
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