Learning Resources

A little over a year ago, I started to make worksheets for a German classroom setting. My intention was to make one a week, but once I started into the process, I realized that I needed to use original content with fresh ideas. Using original content meant using Adobe Illustrator or just pens, pencils, markers, and crayons to make worksheets. This slowed my ability to make content because I am not that good at art. However, I was able to make some worksheets that I would submit to Teachwise. I learned of Teachwise through my husband because his workplace supports and maintains the site. As a former teacher, I would recommend this site to teachers who may be too busy to extra things for the classrooms or lessons.

Some great aspects of the site are: content is reviewed before it is posted, flash sales, substitute teacher resources, and classroom decor available from your computer. I remember when I was younger, a lot of my relatives are teachers, that you may have to drive up to an hour to get good classroom resources. Now, thanks to computers, you can easily download or order products. You also are supporting individuals versus large corporations when you do this.

Keeping up with German has become one of the most difficult things for me. Before I was married, I made a couple of trips to Germany and Austria in the summers and taught German during the school year. Since both of those things are not possible for me right now, I am thankful to have found this teachers’ resource to keep up with basic German. In addition, though I am not contributing physically by showing up in a classroom every day, I know that making resources for a teacher provides help to them because their lives are full of many other concerns – grading, discipline, lesson plans ,etc.


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