Opening an Etsy Shop

I used Etsy to buy a few items for my wedding. Etsy provides daily inspiration, much like Pinterest. Since I am currently staying at home and working on graphic and interior design projects, I decided that it would not hurt to open an Etsy shop. I love and hate the shop world of Etsy. It is a great platform for getting stuff out there without the worries of figuring out payments and orders on your own online shop, but then, you are just one in a million. However, since I am new to this woodworking and home items process I have nothing to lose.

My etsy shop is called machten. German for “made”. There is still a lot of planning and brainstorming occurring at the Martin manor as to what exactly we should try to make and sell. For starters, we have some simple wood projects such as a jewelry holder from an up-cycled antique frame, coasters, and tea towels. The tea towels are in a testing phase. You don’t always get it right the first time.

When you have a moment, or when you might need a little homemade gift, take a moment to check out my shop: machtenIMG_2087.jpg


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