Figuring it all out

Before I got married, I taught German to high school students and was an office assistant for the school. I learned a lot at that job, usually because of something the kids did. I loved working there and was sad that getting married meant I had to leave because my husband could not get a job in Pittsburgh. There were moments when I wondered why I ever worked there because it was so hard to leave. However, day in and day out, I taught kids to be themselves and be the best they can be at that. After a while, without noticing it, the lessons I was trying to teach ultimately sunk in to me. As it is said, you learn best by teaching.

When I left the job, I was unsure of what I would be doing. I did not have a teaching degree and to be honest, I did not want one. I enjoy teaching German, but I do not enjoy  full-time teaching (lesson plans, test grading… nope, not my thing!). I love being with kids, but I do not love sitting in a classroom with them. I was the kind of person that would take students to concerts, activities, and restaurants in Pittsburgh. Typically something that is frowned upon by the masses in education.

My husband got a job in near Philadelphia, PA. That “other city” across the state. UGH, what was I going to do in Philthy? I HATED that city. Well, I hate their sports teams anyway. I taught for a year because the opportunity presented itself and I knew it was right, but I knew that I needed to get out of the classroom. I had wanted to start an Etsy shop, but that became a back burner idea since I was teaching full time and driving 2 hours a day.

I convinced my husband that I needed to take some classes from Sessions, an online school. I decided on a web design certificate with a focus in graphic design. I learned basic coding and boosted my confidence on my basic Adobe creative suite knowledge. Finally, I felt like I was doing something I liked.

Once the summer passed by, I decided to revisit my Etsy shop hopes. I enjoy staying home and being a wife, but I knew that I needed to start doing something besides baking bread and making spaghetti sauce. Both of which have great benefits, but don’t make much money. I procrastinate (who doesn’t?) but being the best I can be means opening this shop at the start of 2016.


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